drawing faces in a [sketch] book


No bigger challenge in my mind than drawing live someone else face. Rememberance of my early years, such an intimidating and facinating moment, . while you are obviously panicking laying it down just with lines in a frensy hand motion. It’s about what you eye is trying to figure out while your hand is endless betraya you. Unless it is your eye that is being simply too lazy or your guts too shallow to perceive what an human is expressing to you. In any event, you will end with the frustration of having miss the boat, when others are mainly concern if yes or not “it looks like…” 

While the real goal should be reaching for the “mood “, the immense trap to avoid turning your drawing into a ‘caricature’. As it is very tempting not falling into over reacting on what ‘irriates’ you, versa reaching to the person, concentrating fully on the human being aspect. Who is after all, nothing but, a mirror of your own living time on this earth , it is a portrait of your ownself that you display by drawing someone elses – while foolling yourself  you are in charge and managing the ‘vision’ of person you are happening to try sketching …

RVrlogo2ink – paper, encre – papier,  tinta – papel

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